Altering size of vob files?



Hi there. I have searched the forums but can’t seem to find an answer…

Just invested in a media streamer so that I don’t have to suffer from the problems of dodgey media, and can enjoy playing the .vob files direct from my HDD. CloneDVD appears to have a default file size of 1GB. Is there a way to change this so only one file is output? That way I won’t have any slight pauses as the next vob file is loaded by my Momitsu, plus I can just save the one file to the My Movies folder instead of setting up a folder for the movie (easier to navigate in the Media software). I know DVD Decrypter allows you to set the size (or just output to 1 file) but I’d prefer to stick with CloneDVD if possible.


Hello and welcome around the forums,

to understand the problems you have when playing back the vob files it may help to read about the file structure of a DVD. For the file size it is said that 1GB is the spec of DVD and DVD player are not able to handle files than 1GB.


Thankyou, I had read that post whilst doing a search. My player is a media streamer, as well as a standalone (Momitsu V880N). I am nearly 100 percent positive that the 1GB limit does not apply when streaming, though I am happy to be corrected on that point!

Just to clarify, I got the Momitsu so that I would never have to burn a backup again (sick of media problems), so I wish to simply rip (without compressing) the movie and soundtrack to the HDD of my media server. Using the remote control of the Momitsu, I can browse to the location of the movie file and play it. Currently, I have several ISO’s that I have unzipped into the .VOB files (1GB max, as you say) and saved in folders with the movie name. This works fine, as the Momitsu will play the entire contents (eg 5 files + ) of the folder in order, with only a slight pause as it accesses the next file. I just thought it would be better if I could use CloneDVD to output only one VOB file for both ease of navigation in the browser and a seamless playback of the movie. :cool:


OK I used DVD Decrypter over the weekend to rip to a single file. Worked flawlessly with the Momitsu. Looks like I’ll be saying goodbye to CloneDVD, then.


Specify an .iso file as output. This is probably what you want. To play it back, use Virtual ConeDrive or Daemon Tools.


Thanks Olli I could do that. It would involve a lot of getting up and down though. ATM I can sit in comfort in front of my telly, select a .vob and watch it. The .iso method would involve gettin up, going to the computer room, mounting the image then walking back…