Altec Lansing XA 2021 at for $20

Just picked these up. They’re not the most powerful, but how can you beat the price? Use Pricegrabber’s bonus rebate of $5 and the price is $15! They’re a popular item right now judging by the ranking of 7. You just have to register for Pricegrabber and that takes 5 seconds.

I plan to use them as bedroom external speakers for my portable mp3 and CD players.

Price comparison: bonus request:

Forgot to mention the best part - FREE SHIPPING!

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Where were you five days ago?!

I ordered it last Monday afternoon and received it Wednesday morning. It only took about a day and a half to be delivered Fedex! Not bad for free shipping.

The speakers sound excellent by the way. Well worth the $15 after rebate.
Someone on said they were about $9 after rebate a few months ago. If that happens again, I’d buy another pair. I wouldn’t call them top of the line by any means, but for the price they’re good temporary replacement speakers, and perfect for a portable CD or mp3 player in a small room.

Make sure you check back with Fry’s electronics. They are going to have their anniversary sale soon. These speakers were $19.99 on black friday and Christmas sale. But $10 more, get the logitech Z3 on amazon. They have the Z3 goes on sale almost once a month

Fry’s Stores or Outpost rarely offers free shipping.

Fry’s. And besure to check out amazon often since often put the the logitech Z3 on sale for $29.99 with free shipping.

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any ideas on what are really good pc speakers 2+woofer in the under $50 range?

Logitech Z3 Logitech Z3 Logitech Z3
Very warm and very musical
The woofer is awesome, very tight bass
My 2nd choice is Creative T3000, it is a 3-way system, it has tweeters, midranges and then woofer.

I picked up the Logitech Z3 about 18 months ago for a good price AR and like them, but I don’t find them as powerful as my old Altec Lansing ACS 495’s. Those were great except that they Altec Lansing never issued USB drivers for Windows 2000. They still have the Win 98 software up on their site and Microsoft even issued a bulletin about it.