Altec Lansing vs. Codegen

Hey guys ,

Where to begin? I got these Altec Lansing Speakers for christmas:

And before I got those great speakers I had some speakers from some
no-name company called Codegen.

Here is a picture of the CODEGEN Speakers:

And what do I find out after I get the Altec’s, I like the sound of the $30 speakers better then the $130 Lansings. So I came up with some reasons this might be and maybe you could help me sort out which one it is most likely to be:

  1. The Lansings are broken and need to be fixed.

  2. I have gotten used to the Codegen speakers so much that they subjectively just sound better to me.

  3. Perhaps the Lansings sound bad and the Codegens sound good because I have an on board sound card and I need to buy a better one.

Perhaps it is none of the above, but my intuition tells me it is most likely number 3. I was thinking someone could give me some advice.What do you think?


I’m gonna go with #1 as a guess. :wink:

Or it could be #3.

Try plugging both sets into your discman to find out.

not a bad idea Gurm :iagree: . I shall give it a try

it takes coupla days to get used to new speakers because they got different freq responce just like headphones and cdplayers
then crappy soundcard doesnt make any speakers sound good lol i compared my laptop soundcard and PCMCIA creative card i could tell the difference right away

also what u mean by altecs broken?

but i have these speakers ad sound is frikkin awesome