ALT message Scientific Atlanta



Hi just a question because i can not find any thread about that thing!!!

That message ALT appeared on the SA and i can not remove it. It’s with Time Warner Cable and Customer service doesn’t know how to remove it. the reboot process failed, hard reboot failed, they sent a “hit” and it failed…

what should i do and what does that thing mean!?

thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanksssssssss :bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow:


On the what and the who? Could you elaborate what the heck you’re talking about?


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Scientific Atlanta = (cable) modem? Or (TV cable) set-top box?

I ask because my own cable modem is Scientific Atlanta. Never seen any message whatsoever on it though, there’s no room for one. :wink:

Either way, the model number of the device would be really handy so we know exactly what you’re asking about :wink: