Alt-Country Fans?

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some excellent stuff here pipeman.I dig the gram parsons stuff.That hank !!! is so good.I can see why nashville doesn’t like him and vica versa.

Old 97’s - hitchike to rhome
jayhawks - tomorrow the green grass

Hank III sounds like his Grandfather - Hank Sr. and thank God he doesn’t sound like his Dad. Nashville isn’t too sure how to take alt-country.
Try The Gourds if you like a little “twang”
I was listening to Old 97’s - Fight Songs this morning.
For a different listening experience try the Handsome Family

true about that.Just could never get to like Jr.I have almost everything from the Sr. that I can think of.I still look around though.Hank 3 is such a refreshing change to the crap nashville dole’s out on a regular basis.Hank 3 is definately a good…“alternative”.:slight_smile:

That “Gotta get married on the double cause I got my horse in trouble” Nashville tripe gets old quick.
One of the reasons I gave up watching Monday Night Football was Jr.

same here.Well that and john madden.

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Hmm…I can hardly say that I’m an ‘Alt Country’ fan. It’s not a genre that is very familiar to me. In fact I’m quite insecure what that genre covers, but my best shot could be something like the Danish band D.A.D. They actually started out calling themselves ‘Disneyland After Dark’, but had to change their name to avoid a sue from the Disney corporation.

Their first 2 albums; Call Of The Wild and D.A.D. Draws A Circle, could very well be what you call ‘Alt-Country’. The lyrics are basically making fun of certain parts of the American society, or should I rather say the way some describe certain parts of the U.S. society.

I find lyrics like ‘Counting The Cattle’ and ‘Sad Sad X-mas’ absolutely hilarious.
The music were quite ‘rock-driven’ but with lots of country elements. I believe we used to call it ‘Cowpunk’. It has nothing to do with punk however.

If this describes what ‘Alt-Country’ is about, I’m defiantly a fan, at least of those two albums.

With their 3’rd release they switched and became more of a Hardrock/Metal band, but kept their crazy sense of humour. At that time of their career they became quite big in Europe.

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