Also Sony CRX185A rebagged Lite-On ?!

I just posted the article Also Sony CRX185A rebagged Lite-On ?!.

Our Lite-On Forum is a great source of information for Lite-On drive owners, but our moderator OC-Freak of this forum also watches closely other brands. While we recently posted that Verbatim is…

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Eh eh…I was foreseeing this long time ago… Also Traxdata cd rw drives ( starting from 24 10 40 plus ) is a Lite On drive ! I wonder when will be the day that Lite On will buy Plextor company… may be soon ! :4

When the original story about the Sony CRX185A ran yesterday, i commented “Sony is always overpriced and underpowered. They make good stuff, sure. But equally good quality can always be bought for less.” If this don’t back me up, what does? :7

BTW: I did not mean to imp[ly that the Lite-On is underpowered. I simply mean that if you forgo the Sony badge and buy directly from Lite-On, you can get a better model for less money. On that note, does anyone catch a whiff of fraud in rebadging a drive, implying that you’re paying extra for “Sony quality” when, in reality, you are paying extra only for the Sony name?

I don’t want to call OC-Freak a fool, but he is partially correct. The Sony CRX185 is not a straight rebadge like some companies are doing. However it does seem to be manufactured and/or designed by Lite-On. There are some differences, especially in the specs. For example the rewriting speeds. Technically its not the first drive from Sony to not support Power-Burn either. Their 24x writers changed designs midstream and dropped Power-Burn from their specs. Was this drive designed by Lite-On too? Most likely. My question is whether you can flash a Sony drive with a Lite-On firmware. Can you say flash the CRX185 with the firmware for the LTR-32123S and get 12x rewriting speeds?

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Can anyone tell me if there is a single CD Burning software that will support the Sony, CRX140E, Sony CRX185A1, Sony CRX185E1, Sony CRX175E2, Teac W512E-A02, Yamaha CDR400, Plextor 412C, and the Pioneer DVR-103? Thanks, ITTigger