Also privacy-focussed Brave browser switches to Chromium

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Free and open-source Brave browser, which markets itself as a privacy-focussed, secure and fast, has switched to the open-source Chromium project. The change should make the browser 22% faster. The announcement comes not long after Microsoft announced it would base its Edge browser on Chromium as well. Besides faster loading times, the switch to Chromium also allows Brave users to use Chrome extensions.

I never really liked Brave’s ad blocker, as it gives the user very little control. With Brave ditching Muon and going straight to Chromium, I was able to disable that ad blocker, and replace it with good ol’ uBlock Origin. Also, the move away from Muon has made a significant reduction in the size of the Debian package (I believe it used to be over 100MB, but version 0.58.21 is only 65MB). Less code often means less diskspace usage, less CPU consumption, and less RAM consumption.