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Hello. this is my first post here. I used the search function and got 47 pages of results searching for nero 5.5. I tried to go through them and see if I could find answers starting with the last page as 5.5 is an older version of nero. However after going backwards through the pages until I got to page 26 I got the following message:

There seems to have been a slight problem with the database.
Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser.

An E-Mail has been dispatched to our Technical Staff, who you can also contact if the problem persists.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

So I decided to go ahead (no pun intended) and just ask my questions here.

First here is some info about my software and operating system.

Software version: Nero Express
Cd player/writer: CDRW Liteon Black 52x32x52
Operating system: Windows XP Professional
Cpu data: 2.4 GHz and 256K memory

Now for the problem and questions.

I have burned several CDs using the built in windows burner, however these CDs will not play on my DVD player. I had tried nero before and noticed that files that were burnt onto the CDs with it would play in the DVD player. So I decided to try and Make some CDS with nero. The first one I made nero worked fine and the CD plays good except for one file/track on it. That track freezes about a minute or so into it and the CD won’t start again until the next track starts. No biggie. So I decided to try and make more. This is where the real problems started.

When I open Nero, it loads fine and I get to the add files page just fine. By the way I only use the regular Cd option and not the SVCD option. And the files in question are all video files. Anyway, Nero only pulls up certain file types unless I use the drop down to list all files. After listing all files I start to add some to be burnt. When the scanning file window pops up, it either shows the green bars as the scanning progress or it starts causing the green arrow in the task bar to flash in and out repeatedly. The green arrow in question is there when I play some of the files in WMP and when right clicked on shows Direct Vodsub and some other options including the infamous Ligos mpeg-2. By the way, by my signature I will include a link to a newsgroup post of mine that worked as a way around the crashes caused by the Ligos mpeg-2.

After the green arrow flashes about 30 times the file either goes into the nero page or the nero program justs shuts down completely. Both of those have happened on the same files. Some of the files just produce the green arrow and it stays solid. The flashing ones do not remain in the taskbar and stop flashing after the file shows up in Nero.

If I get a full set of files to be burnt and start the burning process it also freezes. Meaning that at various times when Nero shows that it is encoding the files the progress bar just stops and won’t go anymore. This has occurred at 7%, 83%, 95% etc. I have not been able to successfully burn a CD since the first one.

So I guess my question is; Why?

Any answers would be appreciated, but I can not afford to update my Nero version.

Here is the link mentioned above:…e00238b2278b316

The way around is in the second post.

Thanks in advance for replies and/or solutions.

James M. Vierling Jr.

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