Also MediaCloQ protection broken?

I just posted the article Also MediaCloQ protection broken ?.

Reading our forum, I found this intresting posting on MediaCloQ. In this posting you will find pretty detailed information about the CD’s protected with this protection.

It seems a little…

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On front page search Safeaudio… view comments ,you should see one better than mine

More specifically Search on front page more facts about safe audio… A vistior with his knowledge left some interesting facts

Is the copy rip-able or is it still copy protected?

No longer copy protected and can be played on computer, can extract files,etc…

I found a Dutch CD from Volumia and had similar problems. The TOC was complete B.S. It was a multisession disk with in the data part some sort of MP3 player plus the album in one file. I had to use CDRwin to extract the sectors containing the audio. After some calculations to get the right sector nubers I could get a perfect Copy :4