Also LG announces cheap 4x DVD recorders - aims to be No. 1

I just posted the article Also LG announces cheap 4x DVD recorders - aims to be No. 1.

Our moderator Kenshin posted on our forum a partly translated article from the South Korean Digital Times. According to this article also LG aims to become the No. 1 optical storage drive…

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I really dont like Lucky Goldstar… They are not only cheaqp in price but also they way they are built and in material too… :r

I could barely understand a word you typed, but from what I gathered, you don’t like LG. I have an LG burner, and can’t find a single problem with it. CloneCD backups, audio burning, data burning, S/VCD burning, CD-RW burning, etc. What more do you want for that price? ( I paid $115 Canadian dollars for a 16/10/40 more than a year ago.) That said, I’m looking forward to these cheap DVD burners.

nEXusJ I agree with you, LG drives are of very high quality. In fact a guy I know who sells PCs says they are better than the LiteOns.

…not that I’d disagree…But do u really believe all what us salespersonel tell u :stuck_out_tongue: