Also LaserLock improves protection - Old one get better

I just posted the article Also LaserLock improves protection - Old one get better.

TifoSi Greek used our newssubmit to tell us that it seems that also the developers of the LaserLock protection have improved their protection. The new protection called LaserLock Star is the answer…

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I wanna see that “Uncrackable” IRL. I think it’s bullshit. IT CAN’T BE TRUE!11+1

hahaha yeah, of course just like the rest used to be :4 :4 :4 :4

My friend (his name is twinpeak) has beaten this protection :wink: gräfdig

Dude, they’ll never learn. How many “uncrackable” copyright schemes have been cracked already?

I’m not so much worried about this so-called “unbeatable” protection, what I worry about is the alleged “compatible copy protection”. I think we’ve seen in the past already that all these new copy-protection schemes are in fact not doing the compatibility a lot of good, but the companies the make the protections and the ones that use them always claim this to be untrue. so this one is really very compatible. I think they said that about the last one as well.