Also having trouble with cd I made from iso not working?

HI, I have read a few threads in these forums about sort of the same issue that I am having, but mine, really doesn’t make much sense. I made an iso of my Win XP PRO and want to use it as a backup in case my system locks or won’t boot up.

Now I made the iso and it says bootable. I burned it with Nero 7 and imgburn. All went well, but I took the cd’s out, put them back in and rebooted but the windows loading procedure didn’t start the XP PRO cd that I burned, but went right to the normal startup screens and loaded well.

I cannot figure out what is going on, as I made an ERD Commnder Cd and the downloading and burning went fine and I was able to use it. From my experience the past 2 weeks, there is some step that isn’t mentioned in all these threads on the Net, that is being bypassed. Or perhaps the NTFS file setup only allows for some cd’s to be recognized.

Anyway, if anyone has any clues or ideas what I am doing wrong or need to do right, please reply to this thread. I would really like to get this ironed out and might even make a place on the new website that I am setting up to address these issues. Thanx for listening, am sure you will assist me, delray


a Windows install disc will prompt for “press any key” for a few seconds in order to boot from the disc. Otherwise it will start the OS from the HDD.


HI, well Michael, I don’t see anywhere where it says that, like when it was first installed. So, you are saying it might be going through a screen so fast, that I need to just press any key, hmmm. You know this is really stumping me. I have no idea why it doesn’t want to boot from the cd, as I made an ERD Commander one and it went through the booting options normally. Well, if you can think of anything else…keep the cards and letters pouring in, delray


since you managed to create other bootable CDs that work fine on the same hardware, it must be either that “press a key” thingy or there is something wrong with the image.

To rule that out, I’d suggest to install a virtual computer (MS Virtual PC or VirtualBox - both are free) and see if you can install that Windows either from this CD or directly from the image.