Also Aimster sued by RIAA

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In the beginning of this month Aimster went to court to prevent being sued by the RIAA. A week later we reported that they were under pressure because MediaForce was taking down information about…

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The RIAA better be careful. If they start going after every single company that lets files be shared they will loose themselves the case. File sharing isn’t illegal in any way shape or form as long as it’s not illegal files. Napster provided specific facilities to search for music so was acceptable POSSIBLY performing illegal activities. If they start trying to shut down any service that lets files be share no matter what type they’re going to proove that their case is full of shit and that they just want to stop any possible means of sharing music, not necessarily just programs that are specifically illegal in their activities.

1st , RIAA is sueing not to shut down Aimster but to have them filter the files that are being downloaded, just like they did with Napster… They know they cant win by trying to shut them down but they CAN win by having them add a filter just like the courts ruled with Napster… 2nd, let them keep spending money to go to court and try to stop people from starting companies and/or software which allows users to download files… Cuz as soon as one company goes down another starts up and the process continues with money being thrown away by the RIAA… :d

how can they prove that illegal files are bein shared tho if they dont monitor them? every user has accepted a ‘promise’ not to share illegal files :d i can see it now: so, mr RIAA, would u share illegal files? no, i wouldn’t. then y should ne1 else be differant? hehe, i hope aimster can continue.