"Already Installed"

I tried the distro awhile ago then Nero wouldn’t start anymore, perhaps because it “expired”. I don’t care a crap about trial versions and expiration dates. I want to just pay my money and get an application that works. Here are my questions:

  1. How do I get around the “Nero Aleady Installed” when I try to download and install permanently.

  2. Where do I send the money?



Are you using the rpm? What distro?

A serial number can be bought at the Nero website, however the demo version is
full featured without a serial number as far as I know.

If you are installing an rpm and getting the “already installed” then it’s already installed
or you are not using the Update command.

I usually do this: rpm -Uvh <file>
If this doesnt work, uninstall the old version with the rpm -e <nero>
and then install the other rpm…

Shouldn’t be a problem!

OK, I got it. I did exactly that and it works.

Of course, it killed the CD and DVD … typical Linux, when you fix one thing another thing breaks. Anyway, now Nero does not find any devices now. My /dev/hdc premissions are user dave and group disk. Same thing they were before, but who knows?

I am printing out the entire manual and will see if I can figure this one out.



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