Already hv 2510, should I get Aopen 1648 or spend $37 more for NEC 3500?

I’m very happy w/ my 2510 burning at 8x but both my DVD-ROM drives (LG and liteon 163 are no longer working and I now have to use my 2510 as the reader too.

I’m almost about to order the Aopen 1648 AAP chameleon for $36 shipped but see that the 3500 is only $67 at newegg shipped. How much better/faster is the Aopen as a reader/ripper compared to the 3500?

Will I benefit more from the faster burn speeds rather than the faster read speeds?

Also, when will a faster burner (20x or faster) come out? Will I be better off spending $36 for the Aopen and wait a few months for a faster burner?

Any advice/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

16x is the theoretical speed cap for DVD burners, so you won’t be finding anything like 20x. At 16x the disc is spun close to 10000RPM which is the breakage limit for the polycarbonate discs. Any faster and your discs might explode in the drive. What you will see is BETTER 16x burning in future drives and possibly support for double layer dvd-r. If you don’t need extra speed for burning, i’d say save money and just get a DVD-ROM drive, although burners are better readers.


My old 2500 and 2510 - and my 3500’s that replaced them - are great burners - but not great readers or rippers-

With the 3500 - you get a better laser system for better burns and 48x CD writing - plus more firmware support both from NEC and our favorite hackers - whereas the 2510 support has all but disappeared-

I have mated my 3500’s with 1648/aap DVD-rom drives and am enjoying about a 20% increase in read/rip/burnin’ with better quality-


I’m thinking of another option if you can buy the Benq 1620 in bulk version where you live.

You’ll have PI/PO capability, better +R burn quality to complement your 2510 which is excellent in -R burning and you will enjoy a second world of burning, tweaking pleasure until, in spring 2005 you decide which 8X-+R DL, 8X RW burner you will buy.

If I were you I’d try and buy neither and wait until a drive with -r DL comes out, although it’s not like that’s really a huge deal, as booktyping a +R DL should probably sort you out forever.

However, I would not upgrade from a 2510 to a 3500. I just don’t think you’re getting enough for it, although you could sell the 2510 of course, if you don’t mind having only one drive. Buy a nice reader though, and keep the 2510.