Already any sightings of LG 4165?

At Cebit LG stated the new drive will be avail. in April.
Also NEC stated there 3540 would be ready in April.

Anyone informed when the drives will hit the shelves?


I guess the new drive will support 6 or 8x -R DL and 8x +R DL. I wonder if anything else will be changed though.

And anyone knows when will it be released to the public?
The GSA-4163B costs now, in Spain (Europe), 46€

Late April is what I heard…remain patient, it will come.


This was the reason for me to ask. I personally would like to avoid buying an 4163 when 4165 is already coming soon.
Here in Germany the other drive the NEC 3400 is only listed at one dealer for 89 EUR. But i guess this price is more theoreticall. I hope the LG drive will start at about 60 EUR.


If you like most of us don’t use DL media too often you may go for the 4163 with no trouble.

Isn’t 4165 supporting LS technology as standard :confused:
LG recommended retail price of 99 € at Cebit.


huhu… LG where is your new drive? :wink:

If it takes longer i might have to bite into the apple and purchase an 4163B.

Maybe only to OEMs yet. (I haven’t even asked though.)