Alqueda leader calls obama racial slur

ALQUEDA’S second in command sent a new
video in which he reffered to PRESIDENT OBAMA
in a less then flattering way. This say’s to me
they think OBAMA will be weak towards the
terrorist’s or so they think?

Yes! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!

No seriously,is anyone expecting al queda to be extending their hands in friendship because a new bloke will be @ the reigns?

It doesn’t mean anything except business as usual.

For some reason this thread reminded of a Deniro skit from Saturday Night Live. I found it to be hilarious. Here’s a link:

That’s very funny.They were going a little
over the top though. Anyway I think my picture
blocked the link to the video of his remarks.
Let’s try this one.