Alpine has first automotive CD player with built-in XM tuner

I just posted the article Alpine has first automotive CD player with built-in XM tuner.

      Alpine Electronics and XM Satellite Radio have teamed up to produce the new  CDA-9820XM in-dash receiver that eliminates the need for a separate XM satellite tuner  box. Oddly, you still...
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This thing doesn’t play mp3/aac/wma files? Seems most radio stations are just Clear Channel repeaters, why do we even need Satellite Radio when Clear Channel controls so much. Drive coast to coast and much of the talk and music seem to be in ‘sync’ anyway. I remember this episode of WKRP where ‘they’ tried to get Johnny to be a voice for an automated radio station. That was a bleak picture of corporate media in the 80s, with 1 DJ and 50 sales people, per ‘station’. Now all the sales people work out of India.

sorti, I think it does play MP3 but the Alpine website is not functioning correctly so it can’t be checked. The thing about XM that is bad is it costs 10 bucks a month. Radio now as you mentioned, has too much advertising and DJ blather. Drives me nuts when I try to listen to it. Especially when they are trying to be funny and laugh endlessly at their own material. I wish they would just play music and shut up. :B

Guys, this is just like cable TV. You pay for something you can’t get otherwise. Commerical free stations, and stations that only play one genre, uncensored. I know quite a few rap fans around here have got it, since there isn’t a station that plays that.

See, that’s what your $ 10 lets you avoid.
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