Alphabetize programs in the start menu

I want to alphabetize the programs listed in my start menu but forgot how I did it without having to drag and drop them. That takes too long. I’m not sure if it was with some software I have or if I did it through Windows.
Thanks for your time!

Are you using XP?

If so, just right-click anywhere on the “All Programs” list and hit “Sort By Name”.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Yes. XP Pro SP2. I thought that was how I did it before, but when I try all that happens is the screen does a quick flicker. Nothing that deletes files, crashes the computer, or anything. I don’t even get options after right clicking.

Weird, I’m running XP Pro SP2 as well, and yet I can do it fine :confused:

Same here.

If I hover over the all programs button and open the list then try to right click on an empty spot the screen flickers. If I right click on a program I get another window that has “sort by name” listed. When I click it nothing happens. I’ll reboot and see if that helps.

Musta been a glitch. Rebooted and it worked just like it’s suppose to.
Thanx for the help!

I also rebooted but mine does not work at all.

Any suggestions ?

You must right click on a program then left click on “sort by name”. It doesn’t matter which program. You can’t right click on an empty spot. I don’t know if this works on previous versions of windows, but it should work for xp.