Alpha protection

how do i bypass this protection… i have the latest version of dvd region and css free but dvd shrink stops as does nero recode

Have you tried AnyDVD ?

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What disc are you using? Is it a movie or a game?

its curious george movie… am using any dvd not totally sure how to use it…the version of region free is supposed to remove this protection

If you use anydvd you should disable any other software running because it can interfere.

Use only anydvd.

i try ripping with anydvd and the file is over 6 gigs

After rip is complete, you can use dvd shrink on files to remove unwanted stuff and compress the movie.

even when i use shrink to open files still stops

Try to rip with dvd decrypter and anydvd; don’t use shrink to do the rip

how do i use anydvd… do i just need to have it open?

anydvd runs in background and remove protections when you read the disc.

You only need to run it and it should do anything automatically.

nothing seems to be working i have tried dvd fab, shrink and nero recode to compress and they all stop

Check the disc. Maybe is scratched or dirty, and the drive is not able to read it.

Try to read this disc with a different drive.

And, moreover, these tools can interfere each other if running all at the same moment. Use these one at time.

Hello Geno888! I am having the same problem with Curious George and DVD Decrypter.
When I try to run DVD Decrypter on my pristine/new Curious George, DVD Decrypt does about 30 retries and then I get an “unreadable” error on the Video TS_01_00.IFO (or may be _01…going from memory here).
Do you or anyone out there have any experience/success with backing up/copying Curious George?
I’m hesitant on spending the money on AnyDVD (though I hear its great). This is the first DVD of mine I’ve run into this problem and really don’t want to buy for just this time.
Any thoughts would be appreciated by anyone out there. Thanks!

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I guess you know that Slysoft have a free trial of AnyDVD. :wink:

Otherwise, if you don’t want to pay money out, then try RipIt4Me which is a combination of utilities that provides a freeware solution.

I second the RipIt4Me option.

If you have DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter installed, all you need to do is download the RipIt4Me Installer from here:

And run the installer. It will create an icon on the desktop. Start that app and follow the wizard, maybe run FIX VTS when prompted, and you can open it up really easy in DVD Shrink if you click the provided link. Here is a pic from their Guide page:

It really works well, and it is free.

There is another solution you can use that is also free and very easy to use. It’s DVDFab Decrypter ( is the latest I think) and can be found here:

BTW, one good thing about DVDFab Decrypter is that it can do either the FULL DISK or the MAIN MOVIE. This is cool because some DVD’s have menu configs that are just wacked out, like that new Steven Segal movie, that prevent some of the apps from making a full backup. Silly copy protection junk.

Best of luck. I hope these free solutions help you.