Alot of (DVD:5's) these days... "Even in main movie mode still to big ?"



Hello guys and girls, I am noticing that lately when I go to back up a movie I have been getting alot of DVD:5 (movie to big) even just with the main movie itself. The main movie itself seems to be anywhere from 6.3GB to 7.1GB and this is in dvdfab express and gold mode. In gold mode I tried to back up narnia and it would only back it up on 2 disc and when I did this it skipped a whole chapter on disc 2. Is it dvdfab or are movies these days getting bigger and we are needing bigger disc then 4.7GB ? I tried dvdshrink first and I get an error in other words dvdshrink can not by pass the copy protect, I tried using dvd decrypter but I am having issues with that and its being a pest I may not be using it properly, so when I have these issues with dvdshrink I simply use dvdfab and dvdfab gets the job done, but latley dvdfab is popping up with alot of DVD:5 errors. I mean don’t get me wrong dvdfba is a fine tool but lately no cigar alot of DVD:5’s even in main movie mode movie to big even still. I have been using dvdfab for a long time and have never had any of these issues until now. PLEASE HELP !


There is nothing to help here. The size of the main movie is given - Fab or any other application can do nothing about it other than omit unneeded languages and compress. I agree with you that most films are above 4.7 nowadays, but still, with just 1 audio compression remains mostly above 80%. Do not forget that the compression rate FAB gives as info is not correct because it is the ratio between original file size and compressed file size. If you omit audio tracks the compression rate is better for the video content.


Also, you can choose the format W precedes the time of longest movie that are Wide Screen. You can find a lot information on what is on an original DVD such as region editions it came out in, languages, and compare editions. Also shows if it is SL or DL. This can let you plan what you want to include before ripping.



Can I possibly use dvd decrypter and then just ise dvdshrink ? If so how does dvd decrypter, I seem to have decrypted the movie but after that I’m stuck… also thank you bigmac and hun !



Having a bad day, are we? It sounds like something in your settings is screwed up. Are you certain you haven’t inadvertantly enabled DL burning or set your DVDR size to too large a target size?

It doesn’t matter if the file size is 4400MB or 7400 MB, insofar as compressing the file to a SL disc…that’s what express does…it’ll apply compression as needed.

See below:


Sorry, forgot to answer your other questions. Depending on the movie, you can use dvdd and shrink to accomplish the same task, ie., fitting a movie to a SL disc, but not this one…the decrypting capability of dvdd is defunct as of ~ 04/05…it’s still a great application, but no longer developed.

Express, however is consistently updated and is incredibly easy to use, literally one click and your done…and you already own platinum. There’s no reason that we can’t figure this out, you should be able to rip and burn the movie …no problem. The file size for main movie will be huge (I think), so the compression will likely be extensive…you may want to consider this. I did a bkup to a DL.


There is some life left in those programs, but dvd decrypter and dvdshrink are not being updated so you have to add a combination of other programs. I don’t know of anyone using DVDShrink to rip. Newer protections sometime have frames that keep expanding when you try to shrink the DVD. I have not used the process, but there are ways to use about 3 programs to make the combo you mentioned work You can find it on the following forum:

It may be down for some maintenance as I tried before posting.



I don’t know of anyone using DVDShrink to rip
actually Bigmacnc I exclusivly use shrink and dvdregion free to rip all the time never had a disc yet I could not rip I have found region free works supurbly one of fengtaos best products ( my opinion only of course lol)


Use DvD Decrypter,Imgburn,DvD Shrink, and Anydvd. No movie has stumped me yet.

You burn a 1:1 copy to your hd first using DvD Decrypter + AnyDvD and save it as an iso. Then open with DvD Shrink and shrink it.

You should have no problems using DvD Fab. Research here first before burn something and see if there are any problems. Wait for updates if it is needed.

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@ platinumsword a small question why save as an iso what is the difference as to ripping in file mode ?


Only one file instead of a dir with a bunch of vobs and ifos.
ISO is a standard file format which can be read under almost any OS.
ISO’s can be burned with a variety of burn progs.

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I checked that and all seems to be in order… And yes sir having a bad day lol lately getting stumped by these new movies that seem to be to big… :eek:

I just dunno what it is, every other video seems to be to big to burn in main movie mode in dvdfab express and gold its driving me nutts ! HELP !

Isn’t express suppose to deal with issue by compressing I also get a dvd:5 error with express…



Read the comments carefully. Again: the size of the main movie is just what it is - accept it. Express will compress it for you to SL, that is what this program is primarily intended for. But take care of the settings maineman mentioned above. If you set DVDR size too high (and I would go below the max 4472) the content will not fit on a SL disk.


Me and my friends had the exactly same problem with the DVD error no.5 in DVDFab Express(without DL, marked). Simply the size of the file get’s to big.
The only solution is to decrease size for ex. 4420 MB in DVDFab Express. It works great now, I’ll promise…
Main movie or hole disc dosen’t matter.

Good luck !


Yes hun, I have read carefully and I have taken all of your advice and double checked all you have stated and I still get the same results but with this other post below yours he says he descresed size to 4200, I guess i will try that also, doesnt make to much sence because most movies are bigger then that and I would think setting the size to 4200 will get another dvd5 error but i will give it a try… But thank you Hun you are cool and a great help indeed either way you see it :iagree:


4200 is recommended size because a DVD burner starts on inside toward the outer. A disc is less stable on outer edges and burning speed increases. I’ve copied several main movies that were between 2 - 3 hours on that setting. I did it with Express using same drive as source and target. Movies include “Walk the Line,” and a Harry Potter movie. All played flawless and I use those $.25 DVD-R discs.



Appreciate what you do on this forum.
However, you said above, "I don’t know of anyone using DVDShrink to rip."
Gotta say that if it is not arccos protected, I use shrink to rip, and think a lot of others do also, judging by comments on other forums
Think the old Shrink girl is alive and kicking, IMHO.
Also think Dvdfab is great for arccos.
Keep up good work. J :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


When it can handle the protection Shrink is really a very nice and stable application. However, it is slower than FAB, I think this is because of the compression engine.

One more thing about DVDR size: 4472 is the theoretical maximum which should be avoided not only because what bigmanc said above but also because FAB tends to create a somewhat bigger file than expected especially at high compression rates. I guess it “tries” to compress at a certain rate but can not achieve it fully.

Doorkicker, if you still have the problem after doing what has been suggested (which would be rather strange) try to rip to HD without compression (set DVDR size to 9000) and handle the HD folder with the good old DVD Shrink afterwards.