Alone on a desert Island



If you could choose 1 and only one person from CDF as a mate on a desert island who would it be and ofcourse why?

My self would choose BeeR_DoG and study how long it would take before he went bananas without a Grön!

The first to say “S_S” as a mate is a Swedish meatball!!!


Sexy Southerner and do i really have to explain it? :slight_smile:


uhh yes please do . I’m all ears… :bigsmile:

i really don’t know just one person i’d like to be with from here there are so many to choose from.

Debro cause hes my brother and funny as a madhatter

SK cause he likes bikes

Bigmike cause hes …BIG MIKE

dean cause hes loquacious

then theres

Tax cause hes a “V” and wouldn’t be after me for sex…or would he??? oh well hes a great guy so that would be ok too

Drage the dragon he could kill anything that moved

and Mr B cause he would be sure to keep my attention for a long time
X-man or as ya’ll know him Xtcdima hes a big talker as well …

Professor Honeydew …she would be a trip to have around…we could talk about all you guys for ages

geno …cause then i would have time to teach him english with out a possessed dictionary…and maybe some southern slang…ya’ll

I could go on and on…so see just choosing one person …would be really hard … :flower: I love you all :flower:




I made S_S’s list-eh[B]!!![/B]

'Course - y’all know that I would choose the [B]S_S[/B]-eh!

Why - great conversations - good ‘ole southern cookin’ and a fresh-warm-good smellin’ thong whenever I want-eh!!! :iagree: :iagree:


It would of course have to be [B]Arachne[/B] since she’s the person on here that I know would be the perfect mate for me :flower:


i hate to bust ya lil bubble there…but if i’m on a deserted Island…I won’t be wearin a thong :wink: :bigsmile:


like we didn’t see that coming :wink: :clap:



Isn’t that what I said-eh?

Leastways - not for long-eh!


can we send geno over there with you 2 carrrying a big file of cat pics and a case of grappa?



Golly - geewhizzz - whodathunk-eh?


Hehehe, I think it was obvious you were gonna be on quite a few people’s lists as well :bigsmile: :bow:

Yeah, Geno and his grappa and cat pics are welcome - as long as he brings some pizza too! :bigsmile:

I actually can’t believe I made someone’s list :eek:…as for mine…well…it’s a secwet :bigsmile:


oh he can make pizza like there is no tomorrow…just don’t ask him whats on it you really don’t wanna know


LOOOOOOOL :bigsmile:



Here - lemme guess…errr…ur Mum-eh? :flower:


you know there would have to be a man on said island…because he was too macho to stop and ask for directions before he got totally lost


Oh please God no. LOL :bigsmile:

Edit: short doses only ;)…24/7 would drive me insane :eek:


Yo Archane-

Now that we have that one outta the way…who-eh?


My pet cat. I think if I was with another human on a desert island for who knows how long, we’d get on each other’s nerves pretty quick, and with it being a desert island, there wouldn’t be many places either of us could escape to (sorry for being logical :bigsmile: )


Uh-huh, sure you can’t :slight_smile: .


I’m going for practical because I don’t intend to starve to death on the island.
I’ll take anyone on CDF who can hunt / fish / climb coconut trees like a monkey.
Please submit resumes at your convenience :iagree:

If you can hunt / fish / climb trees, then you must have other skills too… You must be able to tolerate an annoying, hyperactive scientist who likes to argue about things all the time. On the plus side, I am a woman and I am prepared to do the cooking.

If you have none of the above skills, then I will consider you if you are extremely over-weight, as I plan to eat my island mate when food runs short.
(Probably won’t get many applicants for the job based on that.)