Alocohol retail version

Hello everyone
this is my first time here so please forgive my ignorance. :wink: I am trying to find out where I can download a copy of the latest RETAIL version of alcohol 120%. All I seem to find is the trial version. can someone please direct me to the retail version download site?
Thanks :bow: Bill

You can purchase the retail version here.

I am also looking for a Alcohol 120% retail version, but i can not find it anywhere :confused:

[I don’t know how you could possibly be confused since I’ve provided a link to where you can [B]purchase[/B] the retail version in the post immediately above your post. :rolleyes: … philamber ]

A retail version means you are meant to buy it.

Will they ever learn.

The site seems to be down. :sad:

We are presently relocating the servers, the down time has extended a little over our planned time period, but will be back up shortly

is there a difference between the trial and retail in any way???