Almost there

Hi guys

Need a bit of help pretty please. I recently purchased GTA and wish to make a backup of it. I think i have almost got it right, but just need a bit of verification. I have the following:

1-Liteon DH-20A3S X8 Dual layer writer
2-Verbatim DVD+R/DL Matt Silver media - 8X Writable
3-A modded 360 (not sure what mod unfortunately nor what drive i have in my 360, and dont know how to find out?)

So i think i’ve half figured out what to do.

I have DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0. This is what i used to rip GTA. After opening the application, i select Mode > ISO > Read. I then save the ISO to my NTFS drive. This results in a MDS file (a few kb in size) and a ISO file (just over 7 gb in size). I’ve read alot about a .DVD file required for IMGburn. However DVD Decryptor only outputs .ISO and .MDS. Am i doing something wrong?

To burn, i use IMGBurn - Here, i set the layer break to 1913760 in the Settings > Write TAB. Then i booktype to DVD-ROM. Then, i select the MDS file. Is this correct? i’ve read alot of posts which speak about selecing a .DVD or .00 file, but DVD decrypter doesn’t output these files. After that, i set the burn to 2.4 speed (i hear that a lower burn speed results in a better / more stable burn).

The game worked initially but after a while it froze and gave me a message about the disc being dirty, so now i just play the original instead. Out of curiousity, is the backup information above correct ? or have i done something wrong?

check the"how do you backup xbox 360 games thread. As far as i’m aware dvd decrypter is no good for the job of backing up your original, i use the xbox backup creator software along with a Samsung drive flashed with the Kreon firmware and then my lite-on to burn the backup using imgburn.