Allways check if your webcam is off!

:slight_smile: heheh…


LOL this song really attracts idiots, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

this guy is from New Jersey. he was on tri-state news a month or so ago for supposedly creating his new “dance” and being the next Star Wars kid.

nice one

Hahaha thats like the guy that hacked a girls PC to spy on her using her webcam. But then the idiots e-mailed pics of her to to her!


The guy himself posted this lip-synch spoof on some site. He got famous and couple of months ago was all over the news. Same kind of fame like the guy singing “She Bangs” on American Idol. :slight_smile:


well just goes to prove…everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame…


Holy Crap! That’s me |||||||||||||


Actually, he’s been on Newgrounds for a while. He did that purposely, and posted it on Newgrounds just for fun. Now, it’s all over the news and he doesn’t care. Though, there are various spoofs on Newgrounds in the “Numa Numa” section. Go check it out (I think he’s still on the front page)

jesus…! Holy crap!!! 1 million views!!!

Can’t find the spoofs…

I reccomend the one with the 3 kids (DRAGONSTEA POSTEI)… so fucking stupid. I wish I knew them so I could tease the shit out of them, haha. Oh, and the River City one is good too.