Allot of Win XP cracks!

I have seen allot of Win Xp final activation cracks now.

I have the clonecd image for Windows.XP.Pro.Dutch.Retail.

On the news and everywhere i have heard that microsoft has a new (not easy to crack) security system.

Is there a crack that actually works and is safe to your system. ??

Please help.

Thanks allot. !

I think these images are pre-patched which means the activation requirement has been deleted from XP :slight_smile: I’m not completely sure though but I have the Devil’s Own English WinXP Corporate Edition running here for a month or so now without any problems.

Same here! I only had to fill in a key and that was it! No registration!
Run the same version as GameFreak does. (DevilsOwn)

i had the devilsown release for over 6 weeks now no prob with the activation

today i changed to the dutch version and there seems to be also no activation

if you dl it there will be an nfo file with open it in notebook and read wath they have to say normally the activation will be one

hoped this helped you

:frowning: I also have a Dutch version but I got it from an original one I don’t have a serial and i think i need a crack does someone now where i can find a crack !:confused: