Does anyone know about the online encoding feature on this site. They have a new option to encode songs from their original cd data (wav file) called Online Encoding Exclusive, but what are the original formats for the normal Online Encoding service, it doesnt encode from the original cd source so it must be already encoded, then when you choose your format it must have to re-encode it so you’ll end up with a song compressed twice. Is this correct?

The normal online encode is taken from a previous encode using a non standard higher bit rate >320 for example. The online encode is then resampled from that. In my experience this seems to work and certainly at the rates I use ‘Lame --alt-preset extreme’, sounds very good indeed. As you state the Exclusive service carries out the encoding from the CD Wav files directly and for the premium price you will in theory get better quality. Whether you can hear the difference or not will be entirely up to you.