AllofMP3 will not be investigated



Thanks to Redd Ears for finding this story. Looks like Russian law does not recognise digital information. The piracy laws there were written prior to the Internet and cannot apply.

However, we should wonder if it makes it OK to use such a service, if we cannot prove that the royalties are being honored. Sometimes it is not a question of what is legal or what is illegal. But what is right and what is wrong.

We have to hope that now that the legal system has said that they are unable to prosecute AllofMP3 that they will use this opportunity to create a legal music service that we can all be proud of. There is no doubt that they know what the consumer wants with their variable encoding rates and very reasonable pricing.

But, would’t we all pay just a bit more to make sure they could afford to pay those that create the content we all desire? Otherwise, we should not allow them to profit from anothers work. It would be less of an insult to those left out of the loop, the musicians, to simply trade files for no money on P2P.


But what is right and what is wrong.

Tough one. I use Allofmp3 mostly to get digital copies of albums I have already bought in the “vinyl age”. Spares the hassle of digitizing your LP collection. Nothing wrong with that I guess. The artist has already received the royalties.

Allofmp3 gets rewarded for providing the files and if everything goes the way it should 10% of my payments to Allofmp3 goes to ROMS, who in it’s turn pays royalties to the composer.

Looks like a win-win situation as far as I can see.

With new albums it’s a different story. Personally I wouldn’t mind paying about 5 dollars for recent albums in DRM free MP3.

But the Music Industry will not coöperate. They even want 10 dollars for albums that already have generated way more than the costs of making them. :Z