AllofMP3 now accepting click&buy is now accepting click&buy to purchase its Icards to use at AllOfMP3. Seems like a similar scheme to PayPal. And as click&buy is run by BT in the UK, it should be a reputable company. Just made a purchase without any problems.

I did a transaction today also with no problems.

Glad to be able to use AllOfMP3 again.


click&buy is fine, no worries & has been around for awhile. Never had a problem.

As it has been a while now since I have browsed AllOfMP3, I had a look this evening to see if anything has happened considering the issues the music industries have with the site. However, one thing that caught my attention is the price they charge for music now. I remember when the site first launched the price was 1c per megabyte and later doubled to 2c per megabyte.

Now, they appear to charge 3c per megabyte going by their album & track pricing and there is no mention of the price increase. It also makes me wonder if this 50% hike goes into their pockets or if they have actually decided to charge extra to pay the artists. :rolleyes: Either way, while a 1c/MB hike may not seem like much, this increase means that a selection of tracks that once cost €20 will now cost €30 for the same selection and encoding. For those who regularly purchase from AllOfMP3 and notice their balance going down quicker than usual, this may explain why. :wink: