AllofMP3 is illegal, says music industry



I just posted the article AllofMP3 is illegal, says music industry.


we knew this was coming. Someone has had a belly full of AllofMP3 and it looks
like the pressure is on to bring this site
down! AllofMP3 sells music at a…

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“Perhaps AllofMP3 just got too big.” Or perhaps the RIAA et co. could learn what consumers WANT and are willing to PAY. Instead of having DRM’d, low quality music at price gouging levels. AllOfMp3. Pay per meg downloaded (price therefore changes by quality), no DRM (works in every player and on every PC) and excellent selection.


“Unlike all the legitimate sites, it does not pay artists or copyright holders so it is effectively stealing from those who create music,” Oh come on, it’s the same old tune, they don’t care about paying artists, they only care about their own revenue. Wasn’t it like only several months ago that sony got sued for not paying their dues to artists from itunes sales? So it’s getting boring when one of them steps in and starts crying about poor starving artists. Well if they are starving, as you say they are, why don’t you pay them what you owe? BTW, I’ve never used allofmp3, however I like their model, any bitrate, any format, even lossless, no DRM and quite affordable. If RIAA offered the same deal (yeah, right) I wouldn’t mind using it. As it stands now, however, paying $1 for DRM-cladden 128-192Kbps track is ten times of what it really worth.


Not only is it a great price but their selection is superb. I found stuff on there that I know is deleted and no longer able to purchase. Great site, great selection. IF there was this big of a selection on itunes for formats and songs, maybe I would buy some from there…if they got rid of that craptacular DRM


Pestering user’s PC with rootkits is illegal too. But as long as the music (and movie) industry is spreading such software, we should be allowed to use services like AllofMP3.


well riaa why don’t you take over this business continue its business model and see how successful you are if it was like 50 cents for a lossless track and 10 cents for a lossy one my money is yours otherwise BUZZOFF shutdown disc distrobution its no longer needed people have cd-rs
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The smartest thing I ever heard on this subject was somebody said that AllOfMP3 should just start paying artists the $.05 per track they get from the label, then artists are getting paid and we’ve cut out the middle man. Hmm, cut out the middleman? Gee I think I’ve heard that story before!