AllofMP3 crappy downloads

When I first heard about allofmp3, I thought cool!
They have an awesome selection of stuff.

But so far, about 40% of what I dl’d is crap with
digital extraction errors. In some cases
they RIP’d copy protected CD’s, and put the result
up on the site, complete with all the audio errors
introduced by the protection.

I’ve been talkign with them, they claim

a> My player might not support the correct format.
(yea right, Rio S Series doesnt support MP3 or WMA?)
b> I dont have updated firmware (and I do).

They claim their originals on the server dont have the pops/clicks.
Yea right, so their WMA encoder is introducing pops and clicks?

Strange I guess, since all my rips with EAC play just fine, as well
as tunes I get from Napster.

I guess the bottom line is you get what you pay for…

I just wanted to put the word out…

Hope you all are having better luck getting quality files from them.

Been using allofmp3 for about a month now, not downloaded many albums yet, about 11, but they have all been fine.

Sorry to hear you are having a hard time with the site.

No problems here either, all files are MP3 and 192kbps and have been perfect, not a single click

try been using it for 3 years now about 95% of stuff is ok ,very good for albums

I’ve used AllofMp3 for a while and never had a bad download although I have noticed of late that the downloads aren’t as fast as they have been

is allofmp3 a legal download site?

From what Ive read it is legal if you live in Russia, they appear to have the recording rights and pay the artists royalties, it is a gray area if you live elsewhere, however they are well known to the RIAA and have been in operation for a few years so I figure they are legit

FYI, I took the same files re-downloaded them to MP3 (VBR 128)
and they work fine…(instead of encoding wma 128)

They STILL wont refund my money for the other crappy downloads.

So there is some problem on their site if you encode using
WMA. So thats an FYI

On the other hand, I’ve been using
and every file has been clean.

is russia exempt from piracy laws, go on the bsa website ( and you will se that there are bsa in all counters but none in russia :confused:

hey jeffie…
why would a site called “something something mp3” be good for playing windows audio files?..surely it would be called…there are crappy downloads on all sites…just a matter of rejecting whats not good and moving on…i paid my $15 to “allofmp3” and all is good here…worked it out…about 1 or 2 cents a track

obviously you havent looked at the site, or are lacking
the understanding of how their site works…

allofmp3 does the encoding at the site, from sources on
their server. (not all files, but many of the ones I

Encoding to MP3 uses Lame (or Blade) codecs, and WMA
you can encode WMA 8 or 9.

These are standard codecs.

Therefore (as I stated before) the problem appears to be with encoding to WMA on their end. Which shouldnt be an issue, given
they are using the Microsoft codecs to encode them.

Now if they arent going to support properly encoding to WMA,
then dont offer it, and charge people for crappy downloads.

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pay via e-gold every song
if you like exploiting ‘grey’ areas in the law, and downloading off russian servers (probably mob owned).

mp3sparks is analog of allofmp3, it has the same owner.
if for you allofmp3 is great than you can use it! But i know more russian mp3 stores than cheaper allofmp3 - check my hub