servers ordered seized by Russian authorities

Not sure how linking to a c/net story that’s over a year old explains what’s going with allofmp3 today…

I just posted the article servers ordered seized by Russian authorities.

 Today, we  learn that that the Russian site, AllofMP3 is down, but not  out yet. According to this story  at Slyck, the controversial Russian music service is just recovering from  having...
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Well, it’s what you call a mistake. But, thanks for pointing it out. The story has just been updated to the present. Thanks.

Dangit! I was just lookng for a cheap mp3 service, I find it, and its possibly gone! :c

There are alternatives, like

the site is back!!!

Site is back , they just moved to another server, calm down :slight_smile:

Yes they are back. But with new servers to replace the ones taken by authorities. Gee, I wonder which ones they took?

I am glad to see they are back, but upon trying to order it still appears that ordering is offline. It would be unfortunate if they do not return to working status soon. This has been a great way to obtain DRM free music and in many cases I use this service to find albums that I end up purchasing as CD’s anyways. Anthony Simek

Nobody took nothing ,any servers, I don’t know who spread this rumors but russian general aturny office already stated that they find nothing illigal in what AllofMP3 do. Beleave me in russia is servers were taken you would not be putting any new servers , you would spend a night in a prison for short arrests.

The IFPI is spreading the rumor. [I]'As far as we know the site is genuinely down for repair," an IFPI spokesperson told 'Russian authorities had ordered the seizure of some of the site’s servers a couple of weeks ago, but it switched to new servers and the service carried on."[/I] AllofMP3 is second only to iTunes in the UK. The U.S. Trade Representative’s office has called AllofMp3 the world’s largest server-based pirate Web site. Maybe they have simply gotten too big. Time will tell!
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if the govn’t of Russia finds nothing wrong with the website then it is NOT ILLEGAL !!! If you are buying from them, then you are NOT STEALING. anyways… when the pussys at RIAA report that they are losing so much money they hide that fact that there are many NEW revenue streams that they don’t include in their studies… digial muic channels from cable and satellie TV (galaxy music), Satellate radio, internet based radio, DVD music, online music sales… NONE of those are included when they say “our sales are down”… YES … they are in one sector but they are way up in a dozen others. I still spend the same per month on music that i always did… i just don’t buy plastic CDs anymore

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