is spared the scrutiny of a legal investigation

I just posted the article is spared the scrutiny of a legal investigation.

  Redd Ears used our news submit to tell us he spotted this news over at Prime Tass (subscription  required) that indicates at least for now, AllofMP3 can continue business as  usual. In case you...
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By re-imbursing the artists they mean like $.01 per song, then yes, they are being re-imbursed. And perhaps thats legal, if only because of a wording technicality in Russia, it’s unquestionaly immoral and it will be a very short matter of time before the law is rewritten. Now hopefully the site smartens up, charges a fair amount (for both consumers AND artists) and stays DRM free, they can stay in profitable business.

This news has just turned up on cnet time stamped march 7th time stamped 12.03pm. Spokesperson from IFPI advised no official confirmation of discontinuance of this investigation , had been received as of Monday’s Date. IFPI, are now investigating the possibility of Civil Legal Action in lieu. Further in Spain one Website remains for downloading music called IFPI is currently investigating it’s legal options under Spanish Law, since the cease and desist bluff was blown away by the rebel site. As they say in the movies “IFPI” is becoming everyone’s worst nightmare

A fair amount what do you consider that t obe Rhelic 99cents a track eh!rip off. Russia won’t change their laws to appease the yanks. Nice on russia,keep it up. Nothing but greed drives these organisations,nice to see country stand up and basically tell them f*ck off.