Allmediaoutlet Taiyo-Yuden Sale



Just an average deal if you can’t find them anywhere else.

100 TYG02’s shipped for $33.99

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Only $3-$4 cheaper than rima after shipping. I think I will stick with rima since I have had better luck with them. Good find though. :wink:


Just and average deal? At $17 per 50 on the doorstep, it looks better than that to me.

I have been faithfully hitting Microcenter, CC, BB, OM and Staples for two months looking for media deals. I’ve seen some pretty good Verbatim DL deals. However, I haven’t seen anything listed on the Taiyo-Yuden FAQ in the Blank Media Thread that I could get out the door for less than $23 per 50 pack.

In fact, the ONLY media that I’ve seen that looked like it might be TY was some Sony at BestBuy with the infamous white octagonal spacer.

Jesterrace, jump in here an smak me with your LART if necessary! Is reliable? This same deal at is $38.48 shipped.

PS> Not pushing buttons fast enough, Jesterrace answered already! Do you buy TY at brick and mortar stores? Which ones? How much?


TY can be had at B&M stores like BB, Staples…etc. They are the Sony 8x +R and -R (for the -R the MIJ Accucore discs with the octagonal white spacers are TY02, the +R are YudenT0002.). They go on sale usually for 14.99 for 50 once every couple of months. Some of my best burns ever were from the Sony TY’s. Before Fuji abandoned TY for their discs, it was quite easy to get TY at B&M stores. Unfortunately, the only access to branded TY are the Sony’s. I know of no other Branded media with the authentic TY mid.


Yeah, at least here in the US there doesn’t seem to be any real gaurantee of finding TY on sale in stores. Some folks can find TY sales in their area any time they walk in the door. The rest of us are stuck with stores that stock nothing but Taiwanese media. The Sony sales seem to be the best way to pick up TY in stores ATM. If you can’t find any though, then go ahead and order online. The difference is only $2-$3 anyways. Yeah, there is the whole +R TY better than -R TY argument but truth be told both burn well within acceptable limits and are great discs. As for the extra expense. IMHO it is justified as I would much rather deal with rima’s customer service than allmediaoutlet’s service if something happens to go wrong on the order. Not to mention the fact that rima tends to be much quicker at processing and shipping orders. You can also find the value line for quite a bit less if you don’t mind taking the risk. $27 shipped per 100 at with coupon code CS10. To each their own though. :wink:


G03 DVD-R 16X $20/50 -> G02 DVD-R 8X $17/50
T03 DVD+R 16X $25/50 -> T02 DVD+R 8X $20/50
These are the current prices for TY from (does not include shipping). From what I’ve seen in the BenQ SL scans, you can get consistent QS=97+ from each with a BenQ 165* (BCGB firmware) @12X (of course, YMMV). Maybe the BCHB firmware does some magic on the 16X to get the speed and scores up, maybe not, jury still out.

My DVD burning is for (in order of quantity): DV Camera to DVD Movies, pressed movie backup, data backup. Is there any reason in the world I wouldn’t just buy the DVD-R 8x at this point? I know it’s only 16 cents per disc difference between top and bottom but I really don’t like to spend money for nothing. I’m thinking that it’s worth the money to order from Rima and make sure I get TY vs. a crap shoot in the B&M store.


Anybody that wants Tys and cannot find the rebranded Sony Tys or Fugi Tys in their retail stores should buy from Rima, you are guaranteed to get first line Taiyo Yudens shipped and packed well, I can’t see buying anyplace else.


Fuji TY are all but extinct now. At least in the DVDR lines.


Lordsmurf has reported that TYG02 are officially discontinued. You might want to stock up as the TYG03 are not as good.


any word if the same is true for the YUDEN000T02s?


I have heard nothing on TY T02s but it would make sense now that they have 16X +R in the US.


Supplies of 8x TY are getting scarcer, sales are fewer and prices are climbing.
And in turn I haven’t seen many Verbatim sales either, maybe a little supply side econmonics at work.


I will probably stock up on the 8x TY from rima and then switch to Verbatim until TY can get a handle on the TYG03 discs.


Verbs are on sale at BB starting tomorrow.


Hoarding back my TYG02’s(last unopened 100), using up some swisstech and lower quality batch on sony mij’s, will give verb mcc 004’s another chance


Lately, the CMC MCC 004s are the better choice.