Alliance asks Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart to only sell secure internet connected devices


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An alliance of Mozilla, Consumers International, the Internet Society and eight other organizations have asked the four large American retailers Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart to stop selling insecure Internet of Things (IoT) and “smart” devices.


So when the PRC ask for you to install their secure device my posting gets deleted? Remember all your Hardware Devices come form CHINA.


It’s down to the wording of a post.
Whilst China produces most of these devices, it is the importer of these devices, and ultimately the vendor who sells it to the customer who are responsible for making sure the device ‘is fit for purpose


Sold as “for your security” by nonprofits funded by your enemies. One nonprofit listed there…take a look at who funds it.

The biggest crooks on the planet, including Amazon listed in the article. So Amazon is telling itself to do exactly what it itself has paid for through this nonprofit. And that’s just scratching the surface. Take a look at that list of crooks. If you think this initiative is in your best interests, silly customer, think again.

The control over the internet is so much easier if everything passes through ‘security’ sold (and controlled) by the few. Censorship, control…expiry…


IMHO, no IOT device should be sold with non-libre software. If the software is libre, someone will simply develop better software for the device, thus the default security will be less relevant.

Also, as @outtaspace pointed out, the list of financial supporters reads as a who’s who of corporate super-villains, with freedom-crushing parties such as Facebook, the Charles Koch Institute, the BSA, The Walt Disney Company, Intellectual Ventures, Apple, Google, Microsoft… the list just goes on and on.