Alles werkt, maar hoe join ik CDFREAKS?



Heb me helemaal aangemeld, progje werkt uitstekend, maar nu heb ik die e-mail ontvangen met mijn password en als ik dan de link volg om in te loggen, dan vul ik mijn naam en mijn pas verkregen password in en dan:…NIKS


First this is an english only Forum, secondly did you get the message ‘You have now joined this team’ when you entered your email address and password ?

It takes one day before you will see your statistics on the Team stats page. Try looking tomorrow morning and you should have been added.

If not try joining again.

Let me know how you got on.


Sorry for the language… I’m used to that. But I did not get the MSG that I joined the team, I just can’t log in. When I enter my e-mail and my PSWD, it waits for a while and asks for my pswd again. I’m sure I didn’t mistype my pswd. Tried it about 15 times…


well see if you have been added to the stats tomorrow erm later today after 8 o’clock in the morning.

Just type your email address in the participants field on the stats page, if you see your stats then at least has got your info and we can sort the rest out if you still are having problems.

What email address do you use in your client ?



Your Statistics

You have been included, just join the team if you have not done so already

Join CD Freaks RC5 Team here

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I joined for you, should be okay now.