Alleged DVD hacker pleads not guilty in decryption case

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In an update to an ongoing story, reported that Jon Johansen pleaded not guilty of making the software DeCSS, a DVD decryption program, that enables computers to copy movies from DVD. In a…

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Go “DVD Jon” :wink:

The entertainment business should jail their own engineers for making a code which could be broken by a 15 year old. Wouldn’t that be a change :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t he just trying to make a DVD player for Linux and beated the encryption system in the process? I always thought it was kinda lame to sue him because their encryption just seemed to suck from the beginning…

people breaking other nations secret codes are called heroes, while people breaking company secret codes are criminals… what a wonderful world

LRR you hit the nail right on the head. Nobody wants to ever blame themselves (or their own company) when they can make someone else the scapegoat. On a more absurd note that companies often pay tens of thousands of dollars to get their encryption analyzed by professionals that try to break it, itstead of suing DVD Jon they should be paying, if not hiring him to help create a new form of encryption.

Is’nt it just a shame how someone would be taken to court over a piece of software while gun makers are not taken to court. Why don’t the professional mastering equipment have legal troubles? They enable professional pirates to mass dupe and sell the copies. Once again Hollywood is worried more about regulating the little guy more than the big guy. Software would have legal troubles to save companies money, but guns do not to save people’s lives. It just shows how insane society is!!!

Also there should be no such thing as an illegal item/product unless it provides easy access to violence.

wolverine 18. i can assure you guns do save people’s lives.:slight_smile:

Wolverine18, they target the ‘little guy’ because he is far more common and, usually easier to stop.

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