Alleged Aussie pirate sails from authorities in the US

I just posted the article Alleged Aussie pirate sails from authorities in the US.

lanky used our news submit to tell us that Hew Griffiths can stay down under and escape the clutches of the US legal system. We reported on this story a little over a week ago. …

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Well at least one judge agrees that we are not another US state…yet…I guess monkeyboy bush will have to get a few more hands up howards arse…to quote monty python…“american pigs…I fart in your general direction”…:X

What!!! Here we go Again :frowning:

I’d rather be friends with the US than any of those Islamic countries…how lame are they :r And you would think Bush is better than any of the leaders from there.

Sherrif never said Oz wasn’t friends with the US. He’s merely raising the arguement that friends are friends (Oz supported the War In Iraq I believe), but being a puppet state for the US…that Oz is not. So if they can’t prove the case for extradition according to Oz law, then that’s tough, prepare a better case next time.

The legal definition of piracy in the US is: “Whoever, being a citizen of the U.S., commits any murder or robbery, or any act of hostility against the U.S., or against any citizen thereof, on the high seas, under color of any commission from any foreign prince, or state, or on pretense of authority from any person, is a pirate, and shall be imprisoned for life. 18 USC” Thus Hew Griffiths is not a pirate.

Thanks for the support Gristy…I guess sometimes my posts do seem cryptic and need definition or mebbe warped could learn the meaning of sarcasm…I don’t harbour the average american any ill will, it’s politicians, warmongers and those that kill in the name of god (any way you worship him), I despise. And though I have never lived in a muslim country I’m betting there are a majority there who are just as sick to death of this shit as I am…clarify anything for ya warped???..:X

Just get sick of people complaining about Bush, Howard, Blair etc when they are the only ones willing to take a stand against psychos like Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. The criticism should be directed at those two. :X

Warped - let’s not forget that it was US government and CIA who created the Taliban to fight the Russians and Saddam to watch over Iran, Syria and the Middle East in general on behalf of the US. So of course it’s justifiable that criticisms should be directed at Bush (mainly), Blair and Howard (white house’s pets) since they still can’t find WMD…America is one phucked up country!..

Icepix - that’s like sayin let’s blame Jeff Dahmer’s parents because they created him or any other criminals parents for that matter. And even if they can’t find WMD…they were justified in goin into Iraq because Saddam rarely complied with weapons inspectors. In addition to that, he also killed thousands of people in his own country and was going to take over Kuwait. He deserved to be ousted. Lets face it, the Islamic world is jealous of the west because we’ve been able to achieve something wheras they haven’t gone anywhere in all their history. When was the last time some meaningful invention came out of there? All they do is run around and jump up n down burning flags…Totally useless they are.