Alleged Aussie Drink or Die co-leader may face US piracy charge

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  spudda used our news submit to tell us his thoughts on a story from down under: "It seems  important that the US Government be able to extradict Griffiths because it is  unlikely that he could...
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I do not see why he would be send to the USA if he never had been to the USA AND what he was doing is not illegal in his country. That would be like Iraq asking the US government to send all christain over there for execution because in Iraq you are not allowed to be Christain. :slight_smile:

What a bunch of cold hearted bastards!

I’m thinkin’ if authorities in Australia wanted to extradite an american citizen to face crimminal charges in australia, they would be told in no uncertain terms to go and f**k their hats. Only history will show if America wanted to be the global peacekeepers or just another bunch of imperialistic despots…:X [expletive modified]
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Apologies, I don’t know if this is allowed - Slashdot have run a piece on it, there’s a heated thread going… Slashdot Main: hp:// Slashdot Specific: hp:// This is getting worrying, it seems the only good justice is American justice, I have been there many times btw, before someone makes me out to be a communist or terrorist symapathiser using black/white Bush World Logic…

I’m certainly no lawyer, but fwiw I thought you could only get extradited for offenses that are crimes in your country, as well. In other words, if his behavior isn’t criminal in Oz, I can’t see how they’d have grounds to extradite him. But again, what do I know…

Being a USA citizen I even am appalled not only with what they did but even more with our legal system… It appears to me some Assist US AG is just trying to make a name for themelfs. :r

What can I say Sherrif?! Howard´s government doesn´t have the backbone to stand up for themselves.:frowning: Should we put Labour back in government - perhaps they might be able to resist the scum from across the Pacific…and ditched this Son of Star Wars bulls**t?!

I’m an Aussie, but I can see there is merit in both sides of the argument. Cybercrimes must be viewed as international, and common sense would have it that say, if you lived in country x and stole from country y, then when caught, country y should have the right to extract it’s own justice. When you cross country boundaries, electronically, you should forfeit any protection afforded by your own citizenship. It’s about time some cooperation in this area existed.

I meant to say that when you cross country boundaries electronically, and are involved in illegal activity, you should forfeit the protection afforded by your own citizenship.

Then what do you say about the diplomat or diplomatic staffer who commits a crime in the country he resides for his employment but is afforded the sanctity of diplomatic immunity…or is that different??..:X

The original article is complete rubbish “which plundered $ US 50 million ($ 8million) worth of music, film, game and software products” complete rubbish, no money was made out of it at all. “allegedly co-leader of the Drink Or Die Internet gang” Complete rubbish once again, There are no “leaders” or co-leaders in internet release groups.

Everyday I hear something about American trying to enforce its rules on other countries. This has got to stop. Even if the Internet is considered to be international theres other areas where this mentality exists. The other day I was watching the news in America and everyone was talking about Canadas immigration policy. They were complaining that if you show up in Canada and claim youre fleeing from persecution you can stay and you dont even need ID. The news reporters were saying how insecure this is and how terrorists can just walk right into Canada and then right in the States. They were saying Canada needs to change this and Canada needs to change that. Well you know what, they might not have a very good immigration policy but nevertheless, its their policy, and they have the right to run their country the way they see fit. And Canada needs to stand up for itself and say hey, this is our country, we run it, not America. If American can just enforce its laws anywhere it wants, and it makes other countries change their policies at will, then dont other countries have the right to come in and change America around anyway they want. I dont think President Bush would be happy with Canada telling him how to do his job. And who are we to tell Canada that they need to change their policies when we cant control our own borders. Illegal immigrants come over here everyday, and America does nothing yet when its happening in another country everybody sits down and says oh they need to change that. This mentality is all over the Internet and always coming from America. This is just one example of many. The American Government can do whatever it wants but everybody else better ask how high when told to jump. If you want to enforce your rules in another country then you do it the right way. Declare war, and take that country over. The way its always been done since the beginning of man. However, if you dont want to start a war, then let them run their country the way they want. Pay attention to the news, most people dont realize it when theyre watching it, but if you actually pay attention there is usually at least one example of this every day.
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Hey chsbiking…I think dubbya would be happy with ANYONE telling him what to do…This draft dodger just stumbles from one day to the next, from one calamity to another…if the puppetmasters removed their hands from his arse all at once, the man would collapse like an empty paper bag…BTW…I’ve always thought of canadians as australians with funny accents…:X
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Very good analogy! M sure in the future we’ll see more stupidty from our government and those who fills the pockets of fat senators and those alike.

I personally think its sad that these crimes are charged under American law. I don’t believe piracy is solely under the jurisdiction of the US Govermment. since the underlying act was committed here in Australia then he should be prosecuted under Australian law. However the digital agenda act which made this illegal wasn’t brought in until the end of 2000 and these charges are dating back to 1999. Makes you wonder:(

I believe the US Copyright laws now (but I don’t know since when ‘now’ is) say that anybody holding a US Copyright is valid is any other country. Which, as long as all these games, software, music, and movies were copyrighted in the US, then the US should be able to complain about it. I’m an American, but I’d really like to see Australia say ‘fu,’ just because its a messed up law. Also, I’d rather have my tax dollars go imprison some dumb American than some foreigner :slight_smile:

Is there any place we can live where the Government is not as crooked as a dogs hind leg? It is beginning to get tiresome. Plus, I can’t afford it.

So some Ozzy Bruce is such a big danger to the USA that they want to bring him over and slap him in jail for messing with video games. Well what about the fraudsters at WorldCom who left tens of thousands unemployed and with no pensions? Ibet they won’t do time in jail. I get so pissed off with the hypocrisy of todays goverments and corporations. They just want to shaft you for every penny you have.:frowning:

I’m just think the attitude that if you pass a law in one country, you have to obey that law in every country is not a good idea. Maybe copyrights should be enforced world wide but governments have a history of passing bad laws. What if some religion based country passes a law saying you have to pray 20 hours a day and they expect America to comply with that or they’ll declare war on us and extradite all our atheists. I mean to most people that sounds pretty dumb. But to other countries our copyright laws may sound pretty dumb.