Allaire Homesite 4.51 and TL 47

hello guys (and girls), i’m having o pb with this program (Allaire Homesite 4.51) present on TL 47. The crack is not working and i have an expiring version message.
Does anyone has the same pb ?

Check the version number and get a serial or crack on:

If that fails download it at FOSI’s:

It’s the FULL version.

Well, thanks, I tried, but it looks like the problem is elsewhere. I think i’d rather need a crack instead of a serial. Does anyone have TL47 ?

Same pb
Anyway I’m using dreamweaver for webdesign, works for me.

one word - FOSI.

they have this program in the full warez version without the need for cracks. i like dreamweaver and ultradev better, though, because i never learned HTML.

Sorry, but my connexion isn’t fast enough to dwd a full version. I’m still looking for the crack.

The version on the twilight(tl sucks) is expired from the end of may. There is nothing you can do about that.
You really should download it from fosi.
Or buy the prog.

He Tich,

I can mail you the Full version (from FOSI). It’s about 4 to 5 MB. Want it? Let me know.

Thanks, but i do think 4-5 mb are too much for me. Thanks anyway, i’ll go on using Dreamweaver and stop buying Twilights.

Thanks to all of you