All your problems FIXED... maybe =(



Ok guys i found a flaw with the sony dvd lite on burners… If you are running any kind of virtual cd rom program then your burner will not finish burning correctly… I noticed this after my 8x stopped working… i reinstalled windows and bought a new 16x both of them sony lite on’s… anyways my 16x worked perfectly and then after a few weeks ( or rather after i installed daemon tools ) it started doing the same thing… burning disks that were unrecognizable… so i started freaking out… then i tried a few things and well lets just say after i disabled all my virtual drives i had 0 problems… no firmware update or anything… so i hooked up my 8x and low and behold it is working just perfect… so anyways… every time you burn make sure you disable any virtual disks you have enabled and hopefully that will fix some of your problems… thanks for your time i hope this helps…


i have a virtual drive from alcohol 120% and sometimes a demon tools one. there is no problem if they are running/active.