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Look i have to try and grab your attention some how…

I’m really struggling with this…

I want to automate the Nero burner from a Microsoft Office Access Database. I have the code to close the DB and then open the nero program, but i dont know how to actually run a complete burning action from the same click of a button in the DB. I’m working from a macro at the moment but open to suggestions.

Any help would be mucho appreciato… Wibbler

Opening up a lot of topics about the same issue won’t help you mate.

Been to the Nero SDK forum? Perhaps they can help you.


Thanks for the advice, appreciated

Yep, been in touch wioth the Nero SDK but still not sure how to go about it all.

Any further suggestions…

It will only help you (Wibbler) get banned for disrespecting our rules!
Deleted the other threads and will close this one.

Good suggestion from Belly.
The thread you (Wibbler) created there will remain open.