All To WMA Converter 1.2 released



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We have released All To WMA Converter 1.2 today. What’s new in this version:

Now you can delete files from conversion list using context menu

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Who the hell uses WMA files anyways? MP3s are just fine for me. :8


wma is faster, but you need passwords and shit with it


WMA files are smaller and faster and you don’t need any passwords if you compress your audio in WMA W/O DRM!!! This program helps you to convert your audio in WMA 8 and you can share this WMA files with your friends… they don’t need a passwords


MP3 are very good for me and I tried VQF and MP3 pro too but I think classic MP3’s are still the best about quality/size ratio.Listened to some WMA once but I know that the most an audio file is compressed the worst quality you have in return… or am I wrong ? :slight_smile:


Alright geezers ! I tried mp3PRO & fuckin’ ‘ell, it woz pretty cool wiv half size files compared wiv normal MP3z - I aint no geeky audiophile geezer - but to me da suckerz sounded impressively sweet to my 32 year old earoles ! … trouble iz - I wreckon mp3PRO seemz more corporate, less flexible, there ain’t enough cool encoding/playin’ support yet for me to bust-a-move on it yet. Da moment there iz though - count me in bwoy ! Tek stuff . . Used LAME 3.89 VBR 128k Highest Quality for ‘Normal MP3’ Nero v5.5.4.0 for ‘mp3PRO’ encoding WinAMP mp3PRO plugin for playback (uses more processor time though) Laterz … . :wink: