All those codecs and for what

I don’t want to install a codec pack as there is a lot of stuff that installs that I don’t need. I need help with picking certain codecs.

I installed VLC media player to play most if not all video files without installing playback codecs.

I have quicktime and real alternative codec plugins instaled.

I have media player classic installed for any others that can’t play even after I install needed codecs.

Now what other codecs do I need to play other video files. Mainly all kinds of MPEG files, XVID, DIVX, AVI etc. Also encoding codecs for those. I mainly use WINAVI to convert files to dvd format. Also sometimes use NERO to make custom dvd’s.

That is about it, no fancy stuff. No playing with subtitles or audio files inside a video file. Maybe that can give a better understanding to help me pick only the codecs I need.


What i like is WinAVI video converter.It can supports almost all popular formats including AVI/DVD/VCD/SVCD/MPEG1/MPEG2, even WMV/RM/ASF/DivX/Xvid and QuickTime MOV and even the popular Flash SWF on the internet. :slight_smile:

Certainly it’s a case of not installing a codec pack.

What I do is install only those I need. To determine this I use GSpot & Avicodec to give me the details of codecs used within an AVI file & take it from there. Avicodec will help find the necessary codec I need.

Having said that the one most often used is Xvid so install the latest one & set it to handle Divx as well.

A google search will find these or go to where you can find most stuff you need.

Okay I installed the following…

Real Player Alternative
Quicktime Player Alternative
Nastaveni Xvid
Nastaveni divx

and now when I try to open a link from a website that uses external windows media player, I get this error saying “An operation was attempted on a pin that doesn’t exist in the DirectShow filter graph” and don’t know what that means.


Basically if you have VLC and MPC installed you don’t need any other codecs for playing.

Actually you are not completely right. When dealing with DRM material, you need windows media player 9 or 10.


That’s why DRM crap should be avoided / boycotted. :wink:

My points exactly but that is the only way I can see the webcast of WWE pay-per-view. :rolleyes:


I changed the installation to


real and quicktime alternatives


media player classic
vlc player

Am I missing any codecs for encoding or decoding for most popular formats?


Here is a couple of links to some handy identification codec tools.

Just in case you ever run into something that you can’t play.

:cool: :cool: