All The Factors For CD Quality

This is my take on what matters and what is good enough to get CD quality sound from your PC.

The type of digital file
Use .WAV file or MP4 at 128kbps or MP3 at 192kbps good enough

Quality of the ripping/compression software

Quality of music playing software
Just about anything will do

Question 1: Do you thinkt he above is good enough? Is there anything else that matters? Does the quality of the sound card make much of a difference? Could the cables used to connect your PC to a good system make a difference? I connect one of those small bose acoustic wave systems to my sound card.

Question 2: Also, has anyone ever noticed a difference in sound quality when playing a CD in their computer’s CD player as opposed to playing it in a standalone CD player?

lossy only LAME extreme at 320kbps
if you have a good quality hi-fi you will hear the dif.

for ripping - EAC or Plextools

a good soundcard will make the difference

Depends of the quality of pc system/ standalone system.

just my opinion

Despite all these things have been discussed here, it’s just a matter of search,
this might be handy 4 some1 :
I still prefer this combination for the best ever sound :

  1. Ripping WAVs w PlexTools(!)
  2. Burning w Yamaha F1E ( Audio Master Mode )
  3. SW - Feurio
  4. Media- TY, RiTEK.

Good luck, gentlemen !


Rip w/ EAC (accuraterip installed), encode to LAME alt preset standard, or if you want TRUE 100% CD quality - FLAC


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The only way to have CD quality is to rip the original CD to WAV (or AIFF) or to a lossless format such as FLAC, Monkey’s Audio, LPAC or Apple Lossless.