All the 2500 & 2510 Threads dried up?



Hi Ya

Hmm seems all the threads about the 2500 and 2510 have dried up. Not so long ago this forum was thick with info on those drives…these days there doesn’t seem to be much on them…where have all the firmware updates gone ??? Of course the 3500 gets lots of attention as the new kid on the block but i sure do miss the constant updates on 2500 series drives…

What is the latest firmware on the 2500 ? I have been gone for 3 months out working , now i’ve come back home and i find no mention of herrie et all

Could we be “past” the 2500 now ???




You think?


dont know , what do YOU think ?


The best firmware for the 2500 is the Mad Dog 2.F8 (2510 OEM) to be found at with single layer and double layer bitsetting, Ritek DL compatibility (Ritek DL is marginal, just use Verbatim DL) and newer write strategies but with less speed hacks than good old Herrie’s V2B5.
Won’t make this drive read better but brought all burning features and quality we may want from the burner.

This drive still make fantastic burns but slower than the NEC 3500. Quality is a tad lower, not by far.

Grab a spindle of Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim MCC and enjoy :wink:

Happy and mature burners don’t have many stories to tell.


Even I’ve moved past the 25xx series now. I loved my drive, I really did but this past weekend it was having severe problems and pushing CPU usage up to 100%. The drive just quietly died and that was the end of it. :frowning: Have a new ND3500AG on the way so now I’ll be able to play in these new threads, hehe.


herrie --> girlfriend… kinda like chefs succubus
several new 2500 firms all based on the 2.f8 mentioned above
i still use 107v2b4 and love it. no drama or other needs on my part

i did get a 3500 ext usb but mainly for ripping since the liteon 1633s i have cannot do direct rip and burn with my 2500 and the 3500 ext can.


I still love my 2510a and have no reason to upgrade. running 2.F8_QB2.rar with great burns. My next upgrade will be blu-ray HD or whatever they’ll be calling it :cool:


2500 r0x0rs!
My NEC 2500A is still usually my “go to” resource in determining whether a specific media type should burn well or not… (at least for 8x and lower speed discs)


Quikee2: We are still waiting for your 2F8 Beta3 that you said you will release “tomorrow” 2 weeks ago :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance!!!


Hi Ya

…"herrie --> girlfriend… kinda like chefs succubus " …


cant says i blame him. Rather have all that , that that offers then a cold piece of hardware…

Well i still love my 2500. I bought 5 of them and shared them around with friends and family. At this point it does everything i want it to do without problems. Everything i burn plays well. Cant remember last time i had a bad burn. The drives i gave out were pre flashed with herries firms…no one has ever had a problem…so i think that says something.

Herrie come back , we miss you…all is forgiven…its not too late to save yourself and renounce the pleasures of the flesh…you have hot hardware waiting…:slight_smile:




I don’t think his girlfriend will let him come back, well knowing that Divine-27 is present in the Nec firmware team


I’m glad i’ve got an answer to my question as i’ve been waiting to find out which was best also,I’ve been using Herries 1.07? with the speed up but i really don’t burn faster than 4x so i don’t need that.Hopefully this firmware will be just as stable.



I too use Herrie’s b4, the burner is flawless. :slight_smile:

I love my ND-2500A, there are many firmwares out for it lets the user “fine tune” the drive to whatever it is they want. The fact that it does support dual layer tells me someone will come out with a modified firmware in the future that makes this drive even more compatible with DL media (and perhaps improve the write strategy)… but this takes time. DL media still isn’t popular, and it is very expensive. Hackers modify firmware for you at no cost whatsoever. Gotta give 'em time to figure things out. DL media is still “on the horizon” so to speak, I’m willing to bet you that this time next year the ND-2500A will be a very popular dual layer burner that is very compatible with a great writing strategy (we can hope, anyway - I don’t want to spend money on a new burner either, the NEC makes flawless burns if you have the right firmware). :slight_smile:


Herrie as promised few month ago to release a “ultimate final” firmware version for nec 2500/2510, I hope he did not forget.