All Taiyo Yuden the same?

Hi folks, I have just discovered the wonder that is Taiyo Yuden and before I buy a 100 of them, can someone tell me if there are more than one type of the disc?

The ones I have found in stock are sold as…

TAIYO YUDEN UNBRANDED(48x) 80min CDR in packs of 100

Would these be reliable @ 52x in my Plextor Premium (48x Rated ?)

Thanks for any advice offered…D-an-W

unbranded should be the same as branded. if u live near a Best Buy, u can get Fujifilm/TY for very low prices, as low as $3 for a spindle of 50 after rebate.

I’m in the UK m8y, this is the only supplier I have found over here.

ah, that’s why everyone should put their locations in their profile. :bigsmile: