All South Aussies and maybe other Aussies - Great CDRS!



I baught these strathfield CDRS from strathfield car audio today. They are going for 20cents each. I picked up 25 for $5. Can’t go wrong for that price I thought. :wink:

So this is the cdr info from kprobe.

Disc Type CDR (B-)
Manufacturer Plasmon Data Systems Ltd.
Material Phthalocyanine
Media ID 97:27:18
Length 79:59:74
Capacity 702.80 MB
Free Size 0.00 MB
Free Blocks 0
Total Tracks 1
Maximum Read Speed 52x
Maximum Write Speed 52x
Current Write Speed 52x CLV

I overburned a little bit @ 40x. Only to about 80 minutes and 4 seconds. So the full capacity was used. Anyway the burn was at 40x and the krpobe read was at 40x.

Seems to be excellent. The only drawbacks are that the discs might not be very durable IMO and they look a bit ugly with strathfeild written on them. But nevertheless, a cdr is a cdr and if you are not fussed, by all means go and get a load of them since they are so damn cheap

BTW, wtf are with those C2 spikes? They arent actually there I know that. They keep appearing on every scan on any disc but like only a couple here and there. I am thinking it is a glitch or something.

Burn Speed: 40x
Burner: Liteon52246s
Read Speed in Kprobe: 40x


Yeah, methinks that it’s a glitch with either KProbe or the burner. Those green spikes are CU errors BTW, meaning uncorrectable errors. Nice C1 count though! :slight_smile:



Yeah kprobe has been showing them on EVERY cdr I have burnt. I know they arent actually there. With a C1 count like that It’s almost impossible to have CU errors popping up. I think it would be safe to completely disregard them.

Anyway, @ 20 cents per disc, they are very good. I might get more soon. :smiley:

I will post some more scans soon @ different speeds and using with my 106D on one of the scans.

This one is on my liteon52246S @ 16x


This is @16x with a pioneer 106D


Yet another 40x burn with the liteon

Looks like it’s reliable. BTW, I don’t bother going @ full speed since you only save about 30 seconds at best and when you look at the underside of the burned disc in a strong light it looks smoother and better burned @ 40x.

So far so good. If I get any duds I’ll let you guys know.


Yeah, we’re lucky. LiteON, NEC, and Pioneer drives have no problems with Plasmon-coded discs, however, with Plextor drives, it’s a totally different story…



I thought plextor was king of quality :stuck_out_tongue: