All sorts of problems with NVE

I have two big problems with NVE right now. The first one is that it can’t complete a 5-6 transcode/burn converting pal>ntsc. I’ve tried several times and the progress bar stops while the overall time count keeps going and cpu usage goes to o%. My cpu temp is fine so I dunno what the deal is.

My second problem is that NVE makes browsing my hard drives very, very slow. Windows Explorer hangs for between 1-2 seconds before executing my command/click. I uninstalled and the problem is gone. I’ve tried un/reinstalling and I have used all of the cleanup tools etc. with no success.

I’ve now seen these two problems documented by a few different people and had not seen either on this forum yet so I thought I’d let everyone know. Hope they fix this soon.

The default setting is NTSC though the video might contain more Pal than NTSC files the video will still be encoded as NTSC. Try to provide more details about the video file or files and program was used to generate the video. Nero Vision Express has a “priority” option which can be changed from High Priority to Low.

Thanks for the reply Ismaelm. I would try your idea except for the fact that I had to uninstall NVE due to it causing hangs in Windows Explorer. This behavior exists regardless of whether NVE is running or not. When NVE gets updated again, I will reinstall and try changing the priority as you suggested.


P.S. - I saw that you had asked for the media I’m using. It’s the Arsenal Classic Victories over ManU DVD from the UK. It’s a DVD5, 63min, PAL, 4:3, region 2 DVD. I used DVD decrypter to decrypt and it seemed to work flawlessly.