All right you people that own 716 and 760 drives, which is better and why?

setting on the fence as to buying the new 760 and need some peoples thoughts on it and please show some scans of the quality comparing the 2. thank you :slight_smile:

@ 8x speed using MCC 003 or MCC 004 they both are equal.
I’ll care about quality, not speed :o

The 755A and 760A are superior to the 716A when it comes to 16x burning. As for scans, see that nice big sticky thread about Plextor DVD scans at the top of the forum?

I have both the 716A and Two 760A burners and the 760 really likes the verbatim DVD+R media I use. it also does DVD+DL very well. overally I get better and faster burns with the 760A’s.

how about between 760a & 755a in terms of writing quality (ty & mcc)?

I’m still waiting on a FireWire800 external version of the 760… or any FireWire version

I guess there will only be 755 in an external case, as most external cases are not even able (doesn’t matter wether firewire or usb) to deliver the 22 MB/s for 16x DVD burning.

General consensus seems to be that it’s better overall, and also doesn’t have the build-quality issues the 716A has. A good buy :wink:

One gripe is that it only has 2MB of buffer compared to the 8MB of the 716, but frankly it don’t make any difference at high-speed anyway; Worry more about having a working BURNproof!

So far, the only real bad thing about the 760 (And also the one reason why I haven’t got one yet) is that it only works fully in Windows+PlexTools - For some reason Plextor have changed from their traditional openness and tried to lock everyone out of all the extra features of the drive, so nothing can access them except PlexTools, not even Nero et al.!

im still debating whether to pick up a 760A…i just can’t decide since i don’t really need it.

Both Very GOOD Drives on the latest TLA Hardware Revisions! Guaranteed!

pino: I’d go with the Not Broken; Don’t Fix route.
As I said, the only reason I’m even looking at a 760 is because I haven’t had your luck with the 716’s :wink:

As an upgrade from the 716, the 760 doesn’t really add enough to be worth it IMHO…
Well, unless you always burn at the highest speeds… (My system can barely keep up with that speed as it is!)

i think im in agreement, Cyker. i’ll wait til at least one of my 716s craps out before throwing down for a 760. it’s the 10X +R DL that is the most enticing thing for me…although my 716 does really well @ 6x in ~18m on MKM001…

still haven’t tested the MKM003s i just got.

I have owned one since they came out.
Just bought another one from Newegg this week for when this one craps out and they discontinue the 716.
After well over 300 sucessfull backups of my dvd movies,
I don’t listen to the naysayers who screw there own pc up then blame it on the plextors. Not all the time but many times… I go by my own exspirience with the 716A… GOOD NUFF to buy another new one as a replacement.